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Miracle-Minded Healing 

In many ways healing based on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) looks the same as traditional healing, whether we are talking about spiritual healing or energy based healing modalities. Someone who is suffering has come for help and it is the hope of both the person suffering and the practitioner that the pain is alleviated.

Within A Course in Miracles we learn that physical sickness is a manifestation of  sickness in the mind. Traditional medicine uses medication, surgery, or therapies to remove symptoms in the body. The person seeking healing here does not stop using the methods suggested by a healthcare professional. But that will not heal the cause of the sickness, which is in the mind.  As a result of healing the mind, you will be promoting balance on all levels and may even find that your physical symptoms are alleviated. 

The practitioner may use hands or words but understands that is not what heals, and that the healing does not come from her but is guided by the Holy Spirit. Her job is to extend true perception, that is, seeing the person as forgiven, guiltless, healed and whole, while overlooking “the mind and body, seeing only the face of Christ shining in front of him, correcting all mistakes and healing all perception.” [CE M-22.4:5]

You do not need to be a Course student, nor fully understand the Course teaching to benefit from a healing session. "Your part is only to offer Him a little willingness..." [CE T-18.V.2:5]

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