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About Jacqueline Ramsey

One morning in 2003 I woke up in such severe pain that I had to be assisted out of bed - it was a result of a cycling accident. That same year I took my first Reiki class, but it would be nearly four years before I took this mode of healing seriously. I found it difficult to understand how this simple act of placing hands on the body could help with healing, and it didn’t seem to work on me anyway – truth be told, I didn’t practice on myself for very long. But after four years I was tired of the pain, tired of being tired. I started to practice Reiki seriously. 


Through a series of episodes with healing clients, and my own recovery, I began to understand what was happening in the healing sessions. Two were striking for me. There was Bob who suffered from PTSD, with little sleep and numerous nightmares. In his last session he told me his life had changed as he was now sleeping 5-6 hours a night, with no nightmares. I saw how Bob enjoyed the peace of our sessions, and I realized what was needed was a space where the mind could be at peace so healing could happen. But it was Glen who really amplified it for me. He came consistently, three times a week, for four months before I despondently asked why he kept coming back though we saw no change in his physical condition. His response, “Because when I leave here, I have such a feeling of peace that I’m able to get through the day.” Wow! This is why I practice healing.

Late in 2021 I was at a crossroads deciding on how to move forward with my healing practice and talking to Robert Perry about Healing with A Course in Miracles. Through ACIM, I could see the importance of healing the mind, and the peace that comes with it. It felt like Reiki on steroids. Then, ‘out of the blue’ Scott called. He is a friend and was a spiritual mentor to me. He also had a vision of me doing healing work with Jesus and was thrilled to hear of my work with Course-based Healing. I was no longer at a crossroads, my path was clear! 

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