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What to expect in a healing session

All sessions are based on the healing principles found in A Course in Miracles. You don't have to know or understand the teaching to have a healing session, but you can expect the following during a session:

  • Your healing session will be conducted via Zoom.

  • If you wish to, you will then have the opportunity to share why you have requested healing. This is at your discretion, and is not necessary for your healing. “Strictly speaking, words play no part at all in healing.” [A Course in Miracles CE M-21.1:1]

  • You will be invited to relax as the practitioner shares a prayer and guides you to enter into a quiet meditative state. Most people prefer to close their eyes for this part of the session. The practitioner may do the same.

  • Every session is different. The practitioner will ask the Holy Spirit to guide them and to determine the length of time spent in this restorative state. It will typically be anything from 15 to 40 minutes. 

  • Some recipients notice physical sensations or mental experiences. You may or may not. Either is fine. There is no ‘correct’ way to experience this kind of session. 

  • When the practitioner is guided to end the quiet time, you will be gently asked to return your attention to the room. 

  • The practitioner may offer to share some feedback with you, and you will also have the opportunity to discuss anything that came up for you during the session, if you wish. This is not necessary, but many people find it helpful. 

  • The entire session is intended to last no longer than 40 minutes. Any exception to this would be under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. 

  • People respond differently to their sessions. Some feel energised, some feel the need to rest, some do not notice anything. It does not matter. “Healing is always certain… The instant it is welcome, it is there. Where healing has been given, it has been received.” [A Course in Miracles CE M-6] 

  •  A Course in Miracles teaches that all healing is of the mind. The healer’s role is to overlook “the mind and body, seeing only the face of Christ shining in front of him, correcting all mistakes and healing all perception.” [A Course in Miracles CE M-22.4:5] As a result of healing the mind, you may find that you also experience the alleviation of physical symptoms. This is not up to the practitioner - the Holy Spirit is the real healer and will decide what is appropriate in your case. 

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